The revitalization of the Kožljak castle on the slopes of Učka is planned

first_imgThe donation cycle of the Adris Foundation in the amount of HRK 100.000 is responsible for financing the project. “We are proud that the preservation and promotion of cultural property has been recognized in this way, and the donation ceremony was held on November 21, 2018 in Zagreb”, Said Patricia Zanketić, Head of the Department for Economy and EU Projects. As far as the tourist offer is concerned, the 10th Festival of Wild Plants will be held in April this year, and similar contents will be held in the future as part of the Kožljak castle. Also, in the area of ​​the Municipality of Kršan, in the immediate vicinity of the castle, a part of the abandoned railway line stretches for about ten kilometers. This stage offers the possibility of cyclotourism development which is envisaged by the Operational Plan for Cyclotourism Development of the County of Istria. “The challenge for any architect is location. Kaštel Kožljak is absolutely specific – with its history, position and story. Carved in Učka, it looks towards Istria in a mysterious and powerful way. At the invitation of the Municipality of Kršan, my project team and I made a survey of the existing condition of the location where the adaptation will start soon, and it will breathe new life. I am very much looking forward to the awakening of this special part of Istria and all the good that it will bring with it”, Vrban emphasized. His Deputy, Roman Carić, is one of the main persons in charge of the implementation of the Project. He reminded that the Municipality of Kršan had already embarked on a project of revitalization, renovation and putting the castle in Kršan into a tourist function, and the project of reviving the castle Kožljak is part of an integrated project called “Guardian of Istrian divorce”. The rest of the amount will be covered thanks to the approved funds of the Administrative Department for Culture of the Istrian County and the Ministry of Culture, whose project evaluation process is still ongoing. The next step is to apply for the project for EU funds and with these funds, if approved, to finance the execution of works and equipment and arrangement of the facility. In the Istrian municipality of Kršan, an Agreement was signed on the development of a conceptual design for the project of renovation and revitalization of the Kožljak castle, the old town which is part of the municipal settlement of the same name. This valuable cultural asset is mentioned as early as 1102 in written sources from the time of the Aquileian patriarchs. The castle is located on a steep cliff along the old road that connected Istria with Liburnia. The natural shield consists of the slopes of Učka and Ćićarija, and the castle is approached by stairs carved into the rock. The castle consisted of residential and commercial buildings and was surrounded by defensive walls and a tower. Within the castle are the remains of the Romanesque church of St. Hadrian. So far, geodetic measurements and 3D ortho-photo images, conservation background and architectural images of the existing condition have been performed, and a conceptual solution will be made by the end of March. Further activities are the development of the main and detailed design. The total amount required for the preparation of project-technical documentation is 700.000 kuna, and half of the amount will be provided by the Municipality. The contract was signed with Ante Vrban, a world-renowned Croatian architect, who was entrusted with a demanding task after an open competition. “The location of the old town of Kožljak is insufficiently known at the local level, and the possibilities of its valorization are great.”, Said the mayor of Kršan, Valdi Runko. “This is an effort to properly valorize, and preserve part of our cultural and historical heritage that the Municipality abounds in, and about which not enough is known. Accommodation, location, view, view, experience, extremely attractive place of the municipality, for sure.” Kastel Kozljak / istria-culture.comlast_img read more