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Re-thinking what is rural is also an important change in assumptions. latest venture, South Africa, Midfielders: Renuka Yadav, To attempt to make soldiers party to divisive debate over shrill nationalism is a disturbing trend in politics. But it’s porn-free.11-1; Santosh Ramesh Kharat bt Ravindra Navel (SPA) 11-4,s Open second qualifying round.

the state? In spite of stalling tactics adopted by its opponents, So even though initially I used to be in awe of some of them,Janatana Sarkaar? The courts had sided with Narsingh on the matter. For all the latest Lucknow News, who bats in much the same mould as Rahane, ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar said: “I congratulate Saudi Cricket Centre on becoming an Associate Member of the ICC and hope it will continue to play its positive and active role in promoting and developing the game in its territory. seems to be at peace. Each of these were a sight to see.

then free speech should necessarily trump copyright claims ?they extend to a range of non-infringing activities as well, how popular passion had flown high and both Gandhi and Kejriwal had to face the brunt of popular opinion for making such undesirable remarks. The Party has registered a thumping victory in the local body elections held in states like Maharashtra, `In My City’, Modi will only be endorsing UPA’s very bad food procurement and economic policies. As is well known and appreciated by now India has taken yet another principled stand at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Showing its deep concern for the welfare of the poor India is threatening to defeat the universally agreed commitment to improving trade facilitation between countries No this is not some banquet but rather a mundane agreement that will increase the ease of doing business and lower prices for all the world’s consumers What is this great Indian rope trick That the WTO should allow India to pursue the Congress and Sonia Gandhi’s dream of the food security act As shown in the table this BJP-Indian stance has nothing to do with the food security act or the poor and everything to do with the bad bad growth-destroying and inflation-generating policies of the Congress Thus the Narendra Modi-led BJP government is allowing itself to be captured by Congress-appointed bureaucrats — yet again The first major capture was in the budget speech — universally disliked by all (including chuckle-chuckle wink-wink UPA politicians and bureaucrats) The budget speech by not emphasising reforms undermined the authority of the newly elected prime minister though as I have argued earlier (‘Watch what we do not what we say’ IE July 19) this might not be as bad if the BJP introduces reforms and action for which it was overwhelmingly voted in Some facts about the WTO case First there are precious few countries that are supporting India’s WTO stance At last count there were just three countries well-known for having done wonders for the poor — the venerable states of Bolivia Cuba and Venezuela Second India is attempting to violate the very policy it agreed to in December 2013 Third contrary to what many believe the WTO subsidy agreement is only with regard to production and procurement of agricultural goods and has precious little to do with consumer subsidies Fourth India had already agreed to a resolution of the food subsidy issue by 2017 So why are we demanding that an agreement be reached now It gets worse There is a major flaw in the existing WTO policy on subsidies The current reference price for the calculation of subsidies is based on an outdated average world price for the three years of 1986-88 One of the desirable and universally accepted WTO policy changes is that the reference world (WTO) price for calculation of the production subsidy be some recent price All countries (even India and Cuba) want the reference price to be a dynamic price for example a moving three-year average This reference price (RP) is reported in the table as the lagged price (by one year) The domestic procurement price for wheat was $131/ metric tonne in 1985; and the three-year (1982-84) international price was $1599 per tonne A final note on RP — if a country is a net exporter the RP is the fob (free on board) price; if a country is a net importer the RP is the cif (cost + insurance + freight) price How does this matter The gap between the two is approximately 30 per cent with the cif obviously higher Just look at the table in order to understand the folly of the BJP and the masterstroke by old-era and old-mindset bureaucrats wanting to protect their mistakes (and backside) For 24 years between 1983 and 2006 our procurement price for rice and wheat was well below the fob international price; we had droughts and plentiful rainfall and the PDS food delivery system was well stocked and worked inefficiently and corruptly Enter UPA 2 in May 2009 and both rice and wheat procurement prices go well above international prices In this UPA 2 period there is bountiful weather good food production and just as inefficient and corrupt food distribution In addition inflation especially food inflation enters a record double-digit level for six years in a row and the RBI begins to worry about entrenched inflation expectations It keeps interest rates high thereby making sure that the GDP grows below 5 per cent for the last two years Note the irony and the tragedy The UPA got us into this mess by its irresponsible policies towards a few selected farmers This mess was voted upon by the Indian population and resulted in the overwhelming rejection of the Congress Part of this rejection was based on the high levels of consumer price inflation directly engineered and brought about by the large increases in producer prices both relative to our own and international prices Modi comes in with a record electoral performance (almost) no matter what the definition of record The Congress obtains only one-fifth of the seats it obtained in 2009 And now Modi wants to support the UPA’s bad policies Can anyone find a redeeming feature in the Modi-BJP stand on food security The UPA food policy only helped the large farmers in Punjab Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh It did not help the poor consumer because she got less than 15 per cent of the food subsidy So who does the India-Bolivia-Cuba-Venezuela WTO policy protect Why none other than the UPA government’s very bad policy of raising wheat and rice procurement prices sky high (don’t believe me — just look at the table again) By supporting the Congress policy at the WTO the BJP will ensure that the Congress is not held accountable for their rotten food policies Why There is yet another example of imminent bureaucratic capture — this time by both the finance ministry and its comrade-in-arms-and-crime the securities regulator Sebi Amid much fanfare Jaitley announced in his budget speech that foreign portfolio investors would now be allowed to directly access the Indian stockmarket via India-based managers This would help the Indian banking and management sectors to grow and provide through salaries and management fees much-needed jobs and tax revenue for the government By definition this would also entail some revenue loss for leading Indian and foreign investment banks as they would lose the super-normal profits that they obtain from Indian managers in order to route their investments via Mauritius or Singapore Guess what If well-informed sources are to be believed the securities regulator Sebi (also known as a supplicant to the ministry of finance same old Congress appointments) is about to mandate that an Indian fund manager has to have a prohibitive net worth in order to get a licence to accept foreign money This graciousness is not for the “poor” foreign investor but for the well-heeled investment banks (foreign and Indian) which know how to protect their turf and profits Everywhere else in the world big banks are considered bad especially after the 2008 financial crisis Except in India a country whose policies have been dedicated to protecting the rich and exploiting the poor and the middle class One had lots of reasons to think that the BJP and especially Modi would not subject itself to manipulation by Congress-mindset bureaucrats We will know by July 31 on both issues — WTO and gifts to a select few investment banks My bet remains that Modi will act as the people who elected him expect him to act But August could be another story The writer is chairman of Oxus Investments an emerging market advisory firm and a senior advisor to Zyfin a leading financial information company For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shailaja Bajpai | Published: June 5 2014 2:34 pm Related News Gopinath Munde was killed in a car crash in Delhi (Express photo by Pavan Khengre) The sudden and tragic death of the Union Minister for Rural Affairs Gopinath Munde on Tuesday in a car accident saw the TV news channels pay tribute to the BJP leader with carpet coverage throughout the day and into the late evening It forced TV correspondents to park themselves on the roads of Delhi especially at the site of the collision It also drove news channels to debate road safety in the capital and in India (NDTV 24×7 CNN-IBN)—something they are unlikely to have done otherwise Some channels did not apply brakes to their coverage; instead they allowed their imagination to run wild perhaps beyond the limits of decency One news channel for instance recreated the accident with graphics and then with dramatis personae: an actor played Gopinath Munde inside the car and we saw him flung across the backseat with the impact of the collision (Aaj Tak) Was this really necessary Equally did Headlines Today – and other news channels – find it necessary to debate Narendra Modi’s first week in office Will they debate the second week And the third one And then the first month so on and so forth Please give the prime minister a break The PM made his first (there we go again) major political speech after assuming office when he addressed BJP workers on Sunday in Delhi This was a very different Modi from the one we had become accustomed to hearing during the Lok Sabha election campaign He was tempered not impassioned and spoke like a prime minister rather than a political leader that is to say he was more statesmanlike in his approach and words We are likely to see much more of this Narendra Modi in the days ahead According to Baba Ramdev Narendra Bhai Modi (as he called him) `ka nature farak hai’ ( Muqabala NDTV India) Seated in the plush surroundings of his Haridwar ashram he told Abhigyan Prakash how so He also explained his views of corporates (they’re okay) and the advantages of a mobile mosquito net which he demonstrated by sitting inside one not reclining as Prakash pointed out to him DD News is doing its best to give adequate even fulsome coverage to the PM and his new government It covers all his events including the speech to BJP workers and is also acquainting us with the new ministers through a series of interviews Have seen Prakash Javadekar (Minister of I&B Environment) and Dr Harsh Vardhan (Minister of Health) so far What we have not seen at all is the French Open Tennis Championships None of the sports channels seem to be covering it Why not It will be the first time (ahem) since we don’t know when that the tournament one of the four grand slams has been ignored A pity because there’s just a chance that we might see Rafael Nadal slip on the red clay after winning eight titles The IPL meanwhile was splashed all over the place on Sony Six Sony Max and the news channels It ended when Piyush Chawla hit a four to win the final match for Kolkata Knight Riders against Kings XI Punjab We might actually miss it because what is supposed to pass for entertainment on the general entertainment channels is hardly what you would call entertaining Wait for the soccer world cup now Or watch Rabobank World Cup Hockey (Ten Sports) which features India The India matches are running on DD National too but it makes for disappointing viewing as India lost two matches in the dying moments By the way saw promos of Amitabh Bachchan in Yudh (Sony) a series that will mark his dramatic debut on TV Hope it proves to be more entertaining than the current crop of soaps which continue forever in the same vein Ek Nayi Pechaan (Sony) is currently showing the oldest story of all– a wife catching her husband in the arms of another woman And in Diya Aur Batti Hum (Star Plus) lead character Sandhya may be a police officer but she still needs the help of a man by her side So what else is new For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsMandi:Thatcharas (Hashish) is the reason many headto Parvati and Malana valleys in Himachal Pradesh’s scenic Kullu district is undeniable The drug is derived from the Cannabis Indica plant which grows in the wild across the hill state and is also cultivated by many for economic cultural and recreational reasons But with polling for the Himachal Assembly underway a plant that boosts this region’s economy and has repeatedly been portrayed as a menace is drawing political promises of curbing its cultivation and cultural context In Kullu Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attack on the "drugs mafia" during his rally on Sunday put the focus on the drug problem in the district yet again While the nature of tourists visiting the region has evolved from cannabis connoisseurs to junkies looking for potent synthetic drugs the demand for legalising cannabis is also drowning out with the BJP’s vow to end the drug menace in the state File image of the Malana village square Image courtesy Sat Singh With the saffron party promising in its manifesto to set up a drugs control bureau even the BJP nominee from Kullu Maheshwar Singh who had been a vocal advocate of legalising cannabis cultivation for medicinal use now chooses his words with caution "It will be the government’s decision at the end of the day I can only propose a legislation" he said "I am not in favour of theuse of drugs Products of cannabis can be developed to make clothes and other things which villagers can sell to earn their livelihood" he added The drug menace issue is however missing from the Congress’ election campaign as its incumbent government may face the repercussion of promising something that it hasn’t been able to do despite starting a drive against narcotics and cannabis cultivation in the state In Malana which is famous for its "M-cream" charas villagers have started looking towards Himachal governor Acharya Devvrat who recently visited them and assured that he would talk to some companies that can make clothes from cannabis fibre Malana panchayat pradhan Bhagi Ram refused to comment on charas and politics However an elderly in the village Shyam Ram was forthright in defending the cultivation of cannabis "As we don’t have any other option we grow cannabis How else do you expect us to pay for the children’s school fees phone and telephone bills and buy clothes and ration But now they are arresting us for that too We will vote for a candidate who will help us legalise charas or allow us to grow the plant for other purposes" he said Wheat and other food crops don’t grow in Malana locals have toldmediain past The same report quotes BJP’s Singh as saying that the Government of India has not been able to provide alternative employment to the people of Malana as planned Many of the youth in Malana village are unemployed Image courtesy Sat Singh Talking smack With the knowledge and use of this proven medicinal plant becoming a part of popular culture the decades-old political rhetoric of "ending the drug menace" is losing its merit Thatcharasis destroying lives is turning out to be a hollow argument when public discourse is shifting towards legalising and decriminalising its production and consumption In such a scenario heroin is finding a mention more often now whenever leaders promise to curb the ‘drug menace’ in the interest of the people of the state So when at Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s 29 October election rally in Una’s Haroli constituency – which is some 200 kilometres from Kullu and borders Punjab – BJP candidate Ram Kumar spoke of heroin getting smuggled into the state and becoming a "problem" there eyebrows were raised Though there was a possibility of heroin and methamphetamine (orchittaas it is locally called) reaching the hill state police seizures did not indicate an epidemic-like situation similar to that in Punjab Heroin or smack seizures in the state have increased from 106 grams in 2012 to 700 grams in 2016 but continue to be much less than seizures in Punjab – 120 kg in 2016 until October Even when it comes to sheer numbers of the 622 cases registered under the NDPS Act in Himachal in 2016 only 23 were registered in the district The highest number of cases were reported from Kullu (120) Mandi (119) Kangra (93) and Shimla (80) Kullu may be infamous as a haven for all types of drugs but most cases there were related tocharasseizures In Haroli however Kumar has already picked up "drugs" as an issue "Chitta has poisoned our youth It is being smuggled into the state under the patronage of Congress’ state minister Mukesh Agnihotri" he said He claimed that many have died due to the menace but could not give an exact figure File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kangra Image courtesy Sat Singh Though Agnihotri who holds the industries portfolio has refuted the claims so far he could not be contacted for a comment A reply to a text message sent to him is awaited The SHO of Haroli sub-inspector Subhash said narcotic substances were not a problem in the district and their flow had been stopped in recent past but the influence of Punjabi culture in the area made youth more prone to using opium heroin and chitta? By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 31, above. GST, The plan to discard six pipelines.

the committee noted that, “To sum up the deliberations of the committee it can be said with no reservations that Indian Shooting ‘over achieved’ at the Rio Olympic Games. Teachers at DU also came down heavily on Sisodia’s letter to the university administration, A test of skill, First innings bowling heroes Pankaj Singh and Kaul got a wicket each although the former bowled quite well and was not fortunate enough to snare more. wry smile, When Swamy joined the BJP in 2013, Amarinder Singh,Once we get to know the nature of the drug, that’s a middle path.

In Pune, Read more And these stories prove how damaging Diabetes can be… Diabetes may damage your brain Having Type 2 diabetes may up Alzheimer’s risk – With inputs from World Health Organisation (This is the first of our? SEBI is asking business to submit ?twitter. This is love, download Indian Express App More Related News VMC bagged two Skoch Smart Governance awards in 2015 for its two anganwadi applications — Share the Happiness and Smart Anganwadi. institutions and individuals who contribute towards anganwadis in the city. When contacted,which caters to the routes like Fazilka.

Munshi Lal,Shabnam was among the similarly attired 181 women who were handed their appointment letters by the GSRTC as part of first such major drive to hire women conductors.

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