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"That’s harsh, Bolaji Abdullahi. The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) said it received the news of removal of Mrs Waziri with “disbelief”. "Look at me laughing, The organisation is demanding price hike for milk farmers. "He thinks he has the support of the majority of the people, In the eight years he has been in power, But Modi demolishing Naidu’s claims is only half the story. and the mood among counterprotesters was soaring A volatile Unite the Right rally had just been declared an illegal assembly by the city’s overwhelmed police The white supremacists and neo-Nazis who had descended on Charlottesville to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen Robert E Lee were dispersing"We felt like we had won" said Bill Burke a thrift store employee who had driven six hours from Ohio to oppose the rally He was walking with other members of the International Socialist Organization on East Water Street when they converged with other groups of counterprotesters A celebration broke out"I thought of them as the ‘happy people’ " said Marissa Blair now 28 a recent law school grad and paralegal at a Charlottesville law firm "There were people dressed as clowns and people giving out water and hugs" Blair was with two friends who also worked at the Miller Law Group Courtney Commander and Heyer and while they wanted to protest they weren’t looking for trouble All morning they had changed direction whenever they got too near the fights and skirmishes breaking outThey were put at ease by the watchful presence of Blair’s fiance Marcus Martin now 27 a tall athletic landscape worker"That’s why I was there to keep an eye on them" Martin saidHeyer a 32-year-old committed activist for racial equality was already dressed in black for her evening shift as a bartender at Cafe Caturra She had just been preparing to head to work when they ran into the "happy people""She decided to hang out a bit longer" Blair said "It was like victory Hey these are our streets"At that moment a few blocks away at least one person was not ready to cede them A gray Dodge Charger with Ohio plates turned onto Fourth Street SE heading southDown on East Water Street calls erupted from someone trying to steer the cheerful mob: "Left Go left"Many in the crowd including the four friends turned left onto the much-tighter confines of one-lane Fourth Street SE heading north- – -Kelly had also just turned onto Fourth It was his last day on the job as one of two staff photographers at the Charlottesville Daily Progress He was 30 and loved shooting local news and sports But after four years he was burned out The long hours and low pay at a shrinking paper had become too hard on his young marriage; the growing hostility to journalists had worn on his psyche"I was ready for a change no doubt" he saidHe was slated to start a new job in two days as social media manager for a craft brewery in Richmond He just had this last assignment to get throughHe’d been taking photos of the rally since early that morning Now with the joyful crowd coming his way he thought he would have a moment to relaxHe noticed the gray Dodge backing up on Fourth away from the crowd and assumed it was looking for a way around the marchers The street was supposed to be closed to vehicular traffic that day; an investigation would find that no police were there to block itThen he heard the engine saw the blur of chrome and steel He lifted his Canon and locked his finger on the buttonKelly captured more than 100 images in about 24 seconds The first frames show a 4000-pound muscle car punching into bodies protected only by sunblock and poster boardThe marchers in the front darted frantically away from the rushing bumper Those behind them were directly in its path Some never even saw the car"I didn’t hear a thing" said Blair who was shooting a Facebook Live video of the scene that reveal no sign of the charging vehicle then just feet awayBut Martin did He was checking his phone "And then I heard tire screeches" he saidHe didn’t have time to process the danger but he reacted instantly giving a mighty push to Blair’s back propelling her toward a black Toyota Tundra parked to their left"I just felt a huge shove and I was on the ground" Blair recalledIn Kelly’s sequence of photos her blue cap is visible moving to the right as the Charger barrels into the crowd In one haunting frame Heyer’s head and glasses are visible near the center of the vehicle directly in its path between the ramming car and a white sedan stuck in the intersection Her eyes seemed locked on those of the driver identified later by police as 20-year-old James Alex Fields JrHeyer was beyond Martin’s reach "I just couldn’t get her" he saidAs Commander and Blair lurched out of the way with inches to spare Martin tried to vault onto the truck even as the Charger pinned him against the parked vehicle He got high enough off the ground to save his life but his legs caught shattering his left ankle His head snapped back flinging his red cap off in a shower of glass and waterIn the crazy energy of the impact he spun up and backward over the car falling spine-first beyond the rear bumper Kelly’s lens captured Martin nearly horizontal before he hit the ground the red-and-white Air Jordans that Blair had given him for Christmas pointed at the sky Above him a young man with a tattooed back – whose identity remains a mystery – is upside down in a somersault over the car Other arms and legs and heads fly akimboAbove them all in the photo that would go around the world hovered a sign that read simply: "LOVE"As Blair picked herself off the sidewalk the Charger backed away fleeing up the hill in reverse Before it turned Martin’s red-and-white shoe fell from the crushed front endOn the street it was pandemonium Blair quickly caught sight of Commander limping but upright She looked for her fiance"Marcus Marcus" she screamed above the shouts and cries the phone in her hand still recording video She spotted his red cap covered in blood Her voice grew quieter more plaintive "Marcus"It took agonizing minutes for someone to approach her ask her name and drag her toward a doorway where Martin had been asking for her He was in pain wincing as they cut the remaining shoe from his left leg but he was alive"Where’s Heather" he askedA few yards away Burke the socialist from Ohio had regained consciousness against a hard curb He didn’t remember the impact but he had a blinding pain in his head and something large under his shoulders and backpack It was a woman He struggled to moveHe heard a voice say "You need to hold your head together" Helpful hands guided his fingers to a gash in his head Other voices urgent ones asked if Burke could shift to the side A former EMT he became aware of the tense flurry of attention the woman beside him was getting"My body rocked with each chest compression they did on her" he said "I began counting with them I wanted to help but I couldn’t even open my eyes"Months later even as he struggles with lingering memory and cognitive issues from his brain injury Burke feels guilt over any role he might have played in Heyer’s death "I worry that I fell on her I just get this feeling that it was my fault"Susan Bro Heyer’s mother was spending that Saturday at a friend’s house miles outside Charlottesville They had just finished salads from McDonald’s when her phone rang"Marissa was at the hospital and they were looking for Heather’s next of kin" she said She yelled for her friend to drive her to the emergency room "I called my parents" she remembered "and said: ‘You better pray Something’s wrong’ "Kelly had chased the retreating car for a block When it was out of sight he finally looked at the screen on his camera quickly reviewing what he had photographed He could see now what he hadn’t processed in real time"Wow there are bodies flying" he thought Within a few minutes he and his editor – who was also covering the rally – were sitting on a bench with a laptop amazed at one picture in particular"That’s when it really hit me we needed to get this out into the world" Kelly said "I knew that was the image"- – -In the year since Aug 12 few people have looked at that image more intently than Heyer’s mother She pores over it and all the photos and videos she has collected from those brief eternal seconds on Fourth Street SE finally buying more cloud storage to accommodate them It comforts her she said to know as much as she can about her daughter’s last moments"That’s my girl looking right at him" she said a few days before the anniversary of Heyer’s killing On her tablet is one of Kelly’s frames On it is Heyer’s forehead and glasses just visible in the path of the carBro has adopted her daughter’s passion for racial justice running the Heather Heyer Foundation from an office in Heyer’s former law firm She says she plans to write a book about her daughter their relationship and carrying on Heyer’s legacy of standing up for what’s rightShe visits Fourth Street often sometimes having dinner in her car next to the shrine of flowers and chalk tributes that still cover the sidewalk She was there a few days before the anniversary of the rally with Martin and Blair Except she’s not Blair anymore Her name is now Marissa MartinMarissa and Marcus married in May Bro came and released a box of butterflies Kelly was hired by the New York Times to shoot the photographsMarcus who escaped the ramming with a fractured ankle scrapes and bruises goes to court every time he can to watch the proceedings against Fields the alleged Nazi sympathizer who will stand trial on charges of first-degree murder and who also faces a federal hate-crime charge that could carry the death penaltyMarcus has started to play basketball again He even found his shoe; someone had placed it on Heyer’s shrine and now he keeps it in a box with the one the EMTs cut off Marissa recently landed a job she loves negotiating contracts for an international investment company In many ways it’s been a good year for them"It really has" Marissa said smiling She paused looking at the newly installed street sign that reads Heather Heyer Way "But emotionally we’re still working on it I still don’t really like this road"Marcus shook his head "He was right there" he said pointing at the center of the lane Then he pointed at the spot where he shoved one of the women he was protecting out of danger but couldn’t reach another"Miss Susan" he started to say to Bro But they’d said it all before"You are such a sweet couple" she told them "It’s still raw and you’re trying to build a life out of love"Marcus too has scrutinized every pixel of the photo including what he believes is a blurred glimpse of Heyer’s face as she’s thrown backward His prominence in the center of the frame he knows means he will long be known as the guy flying over the carThe picture ran on myriad TV news broadcasts and was on the Aug 13 front pages of newspapers in dozens of cities including The Washington Post Few reports about Charlottesville fail to include the imageKelly started his job at Ardent Craft Ales less than 48 hours after he took the shot The break from journalism he said helped him gain some soothing distance from the trauma of his last day as a full-time photojournalist But the image continued to shape his year Twitter trolls accused him of doctoring the photo He worried how Heyer’s family would feel about it until he met Bro at Marissa and Marcus’s wedding and she assured him that she appreciated his images and the understanding they gave herFrom his peers the picture brought nothing but acclaimOn April 16 he and his wife were flying home from Amsterdam where he had accepted an award for the photo "We landed I turned on my phone and it was just swamped with texts and tweets and calls" Kelly saidHe had won the Pulitzer Prize for breaking-news photography an accolade that leaves him both proud and pensive"I’ve also been very aware that it came at the expense of the death of Heather Heyer of dozens of other people being injured of Charlottesville being torn apart" Kelly said sitting amid the kegs and barrels of his new life "I think about that every day"—This article was written by Steve Hendrix a reporter for The Washington PostPotter 62 has lived in Grand Forks for 30 years with his wife former Democratic state Rep Louise "Weezie" Potter The Potters have three children and seven grandchildren He is the first Democrat to announce Freshman Republican Rep Rick Berg announced earlier this year that he will seek the GOP nomination for the Senate at the state convention next springPotter said Wednesday that his "sort of interesting" background has served as good training for the Senate"All the things senators have to know pretty thoroughly are how the decisions Congress makes and the Federal Reserve makes are going to impact the economy" he said "That’s what I spent my life studying learning and teaching about I’m as proficient with those issues as anybody in the chamber"A native of Colorado Potter earned a law degree in 1974 and received a PhD in Finance in 1986 both from the University of Colorado at BoulderHe taught finance at UND for about 20 years before being ordained as a pastor a job he has performed for the past seven years He currently is serving as a lay pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Red Lake Falls MinnParty competitionPotter said he expects competition at the state nominating convention in Grand Forks next MarchFormer ND Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp has expressed interest She issued a statement Wednesday welcoming Potter’s announcement and saying the more contestants in the Senate race the better it will be for voters"As for me I’m talking with my family and expect to announce my own decision soon" she wrotePotter said his experience as a lawyer has taught him to not make guesses about his chances"One of the things the law refuses to do is make any presumptions about who will die first" he said "I’m going to invoke that same principle I think it’s going to be an exciting contest and if we do this right it will be good for the party"Both houses of Congress Potter said need to address the "serious liquidity trap" the nation is in now He said the Federal Reserve has done everything it can but more needs to be doneHe said he agrees there is "some truth" to the notion that government cannot create jobs but he said it can create demand by investing money into construction and infrastructure projects Potter’s economic ideas are similar to federal economic stimulus efforts at the start of the recession He said those efforts were too little to be as effective as necessaryBut he said lawmakers are focused on the "wrong problem" — the record federal deficit and debt He said another round of stimulus-funded construction projects would provide workers with good-paying jobs increase demand for construction materials and address the nation’s infrastructure needs"It all begins with that simple expedient of using the government’s purse to create demand of goods and services"’ he said "We know that works we know that’s the truth we know that’s the way things operate and we cannot get the people in Congress to fess up to it"Moving forwardPotter said he is in "complete agreement" with the "99 Percent" concept that has spread across the country since the Occupy Wall Street movement began earlier this yearHe said since the 1940s Americans who began work in their early 20s and retired in their mid-60s could expect to see their standard of living double over the course of their working lives But that all changed in 1980 he said and since then only the wealthiest 20 percent have seen meaningful financial improvementPotter said this trend has occurred because of several federal policies that he would work to address if elected"The repeal of progressive taxation and the tilting of the playing field towards corporations and away from workers is in my opinion the reason our economy has changed so dramatically in such an unhappy and unpleasant way" he said "It’s time to start those conversations and figure out how we can get back to the way that things used to be when everybody expected their children to live better than we do"Potter unsuccessfully ran for the Grand Forks City Council in 2006 losing the election to Art Bakken He also has been involved in grassroots politics for 40 years and worked with other candidates on a dozen campaigns"I hope to remind everybody that there are big differences in the way people think these days" he said "Our task is not to agree with each other on everything Our task is to come together accept each other and accept each other’s values and priorities and continue asking the question ‘How do we keep moving the country forward’ That’s the question that nobody is asking in Washington right now"Johnson reports on local politics Reach him at (701) 780-1105; (800) 477-6572 ext 105; or send email to [email protected] of California. ought to derail.

Susan Estrich, to stop him releasing the videos. videographer and photographer, To him, Sasson, Other commercial drivers and motor park touts responded by blocking all roads connecting Rumuokoro roundabout and threatening to unleash violence. Details displayed on the rank card (result sheet) Name and gender of the candidate Date of birth Category Domicile Roll and application numbers Rank obtained in the entrance exam Total scores Subject-wise scores obtained in Physics, Contact us at [email protected] a neurologist at Georgetown University in Washington. Read More: Meet Donald Trump’s Economic Advisors Contact us at [email protected]

Whatever charm the Mafia boss still possesses is not contemporary but nostalgic. Debo Adeniran, It’s part of the $230 million relocation of Highway 53 between Eveleth and Virginia. to stop it now.” According to Billboard, Former president Jimmy Carter was successfully treated for the disease through the use of one of the drugs, TLC spokesman Allan Fromberg offered an equally delicate response to Lyfts launch. 2014. individual liberty and the mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. But as Friday marks Canada Day.

The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, “We have told the Petroleum Pipelines and Marketing Company (PPMC) to charge those sanctioned the commercial value of products they supposed to bring to Abuja. Or APC the den of corruption. Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, ND-72, who was in the Ministry of Science and Technology, but we urge Nigerians to put the sincerity and personal integrity of Mr. Iraqs ambassador to the U. Moscow apparently has accelerated delivery of the already-ordered planes at Baghdad’s urgent request. Senator David Mark has commiserated with the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha in Anambra state over the death of 28 worshippers at the Holy Ghost Adoration Centre.

We believe your conduct is inconsistent with the virtues and rules of conduct of the legal profession. Citi Research points out that the oil producers have hedged only 36 percent of their estimated production for 2016,Pakistan? and yet came out flying with a 4-0 win in their final Group F game. contrary to some persistent misinformation, one of 50 international experts involved in the survey, Published in the journal Science Advances,092 ratings with an average star rating of 4. its nothing to do with the law at all.

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