Verbatims ClipIt USB Drive Comes to America

first_imgLast month, we mentioned the new Verbatim Clip-It USB drive: a fun, if not quirky, way to store data while keeping a stack of papers from blowing away in a stiff wind. At the time, pricing and availability hadn’t been announced, but today Verbatim said they would be available in the United States just in time for the holidays. The design of the drive hasn’t changed, and can still be used as a paperclip as well as a storage device, and is suggested for people who want to include a little more data about themselves or their company with their business card, or want to provide a digital copy of a document attached to the physical copy. Verbatim also said they would ditch the 2GB version in favor of the4GB model only, and offer the Clip-It drive in five colors: pink, green,blue, orange, and black. The lightweight USB drive will retail for $19.99, and will land in stores and online in December.last_img read more