Rapper Rhymes in English to Represent Moroccan Hiphop Music Throughout the

Meknes – Ahmed Salah Zarug, the Moroccan rapper known by his stage name A.z.DANDI, dreams of representing Moroccan music all over the world.In an interview with Morocco World News, the promising singer described his life and the beginning of his artistic journey, which started during the recent emergence of hip-hop culture in Morocco.“In 2008, I embarked on … [rapping] in English because it is the mother language of hip-hop in order to address the whole world and to show the power of my lyrics, as well as to give my message an understandable meaning [that] can be clear to audiences from different cultures.” Zarug experienced several obstacles along the way. Lack of support was one of the challenges that impeded the start of the Casablancan native’s journey, an issue he blames on Moroccan audiences’ lack of knowledge of rap and hip-hop culture at that time. “The major hindrance in my career is big lack of encouragement and motivation from people,” he said.The 19-year-old artist views art as an integral part of human existence, the tool that connects the souls of people. “Music is my inspiration and the bridge to [speak] to [human] feelings. This is why I believe that music is the world itself,” he said.The flamboyant rapper participated in several well-known events in Morocco in which he bolstered his artistic credentials such as Boulevard in Casablanca, and a concert in Essaouira on Youth Day in 2013.Before he fully immerses himself in his rap career, Zarug is studying International Studies at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane. He has seized the opportunity while living in Moroccan Switzerland to draw inspiration from his surroundings, creating a video clip called “Beautiful Nature” which portrays the beauty of natural landscapes and scenes throughout the kingdom.“Creativity is associated with the beauty of nature. I am nowadays in a natural, glamorous place. I seized the opportunity to sing about it and embody nature in order to demonstrate the relationship between creativity and nature. The song was in a collaboration with Yassine Adnane and Soufian El Maliki. Furthermore, It was supported passionately [by] my friends,” Zarug said.Zarug is currently working with another rapper on a mixtape that will be released in mid-March, in addition to an album in collaboration with other Moroccan artists that will be released in August.Zarug is not merely an ordinary artist, but is also a producer and a director. He believes that the world is full positive things that allow humans to enjoy the splendor of life. “I always try to make people understand my positive vision and philosophy in life that might help us to contribute [to] the development of the world,” Zarug said. “Thus, people need blissful and happy songs as a form of celebration.”Edited by Kelsey Fish© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission read more